Mykell Beal - Consultant - Rail

Mykell Beal


Former personal trainer Mykell believes in delivering value to every relationship. He is very detail orientated which is reflective of the roles he deals with across the commercial side of projects – quantity surveyors and seniors, estimators and commercial managers.

He is a highly motivated recruiter, and as with his fitness career, thrives on delivering results that make a difference to those he is working with. An active listener and fluent communicator, Doncaster native Mykell has an entrepreneurial mindset, and employs a people-focused approach that helps businesses and individuals grow and prosper.

Outside work, Mykell is a huge Marvel franchise fan, as well as enjoying Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Action and adventure are a theme in former semi-pro footballer Mykell’s life, he loves travel and exploration. When he’s at home in Doncaster, Mykell enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as playing football and golf.

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