A helping hand - North East Hearts with Goals

  • 15th October 2016

North East Hearts with Goals was started by sisters in law Christine Stephenson & Kelly Best in 2013 for both personal and common sense reasons.

Kelly's husband and Christine's brother Neil died suddenly in 2003 at the age of 32. 10 years later Kelly's son was diagnosed with ARVC, a potentially fatal heart condition that could put him at risk of cardiac arrest.

After researching the best way to help and be pro-active it was decided to start placing lifesaving defibrillators into the local schools with a target of 5, safe to say that target was exceeded.

3 years later the charity has placed over 200 defibrillators around the North East and arranged training to use them.

We met Kelly in 2016 and heard about the great work this charity is delivering. There are thousands more placements to make and as the Coleman James chosen charity we have pledged to support their campaign. If you'd like to support or find out more, please get in touch or visit