Sentinel Co-Ordinator

Sentinel Co-Ordinator

Location Newcastle
Job Type Permanent

Job Description

Day to day tasks will include:

Ensuring compliance with Sentinel scheme rules verifying workers’ competence and fitness to work in near real time, maintaining company database, PPE Provision, ensuring invoicing is kept up to date, assist Consultants and Director as required, preparing and issuing documentation. Manging fatigue of Safety Critical workers to aid safe working practices.

• Establish Contract of Sponsorship

• Maintaining all records on the Sentinel Management System

• Monitoring and management of working hours of Individuals under their Contract of Sponsorship. Shifts worked with Sub-Sponsors must be considered in the monitoring of working hours and the management of fatigue

• Agreeing any sub-sponsorship arrangements with the Individual and to grant permission to any Sub-sponsor to use their resources

• Feeding back to Primary Sponsor hours worked/travelled by workers to ensure the accurate management of fatigue

• Enacting the Local Investigation process where any suspected breach

• Collating information from Sub-sponsors to enable conclusion of the Local Investigation

• Maintaining records of Local Investigations and requesting a Formal Review where a Scheme Outcome is recommended following a Local Investigation

• Providing a reason for de-Sponsoring an Individual

• Conducting a Local Investigation before de-Sponsoring an Individual for any breach of the Sentinel Scheme Rules

• Collating and maintaining all records associated with the Contract of Sponsorship of an Individual as required by the Sentinel Management System

• Requesting a temporary Suspension or issuing a temporary Take Down of competence pending the conclusion of Local Investigation where appropriate

• Ensure that there are no Suspensions in place that may prevent the Individual from holding a Sentinel Smart Card

• Complete a pre-sponsorship drugs and alcohol screening, results of which will be required to be entered on the Sentinel Scheme Database

• Review the period for which the Individual has had no Primary Sponsor

• Undertake a review of work experience to determine the extent to which the Individual has utilised each competence. Where it is it determined that the Individual has not practiced a competence within the last 6 months the new Primary Sponsor shall undertake and document a mentoring assessment to confirm that the Individual remains competent in the applicable competencies

• Conduct and document a pre-sponsorship interview to determine the Individual is legally eligible to work in the UK and is able to sufficiently communicate in verbal and/or written English (dependent on the safety critical nature or the competencies held)

• Process Routine briefings

• Manage all alleged breaches

• Management of Records

• Management of de-sponsoring process

• Investigating all alleged breaches following Sentinel process

• Ensure contract in place with preferred suppliers in respect of For Cause, CIRAS and training providers

• Carry out internal audits and provide feedback on results to senior management

• Ensure RISQS portal is up to date and lead on RISQS audit

• Be aware of and adhere to all policies and procedures, in particular the Company’s Health & Safety, Modern Slavery and GDPR Polices

Candidate Profile

Good interpersonal skills

The ability to work independently and take initiative

Ability to work as an individual and as part of a team

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Excellent time management and organisational skills Outstanding customer service skills

A friendly and professional telephone manner

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages

Strong attention to detail Computer Literate


You are responsible for your own health and safety while at work and also for the safety of any other person who may be affected by your acts or omissions. You are responsible for:

o Complying with the requirements of the Company’s Policy Statements.

o Maintaining a sustained focus on employee safety and others affected by all works.

o Complying with the detailed safety responsibilities as set out within the Company’s Business Management System.


The post holder must have access to the following documentation to enable safety responsibilities to be discharged:

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statements

Job Description for the post

Business Management System

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