Senior Planner

Senior Planner

Location Birmingham
Job Type Permanent
Salary Up to £67,000 per annum

Job Description

Construction Knowledge

 The planner should have worked in a construction environment such as experience on site as a site engineer and have a general overall understanding of construction methodology

 Ability to interpret engineering drawing details and specifications to develop a construction sequence.

 Understanding of other disciplines that relate to civil engineering projects such as mechanical and electrical work and temporary works where required.

 Understanding of railway infrastructure, stations and buildings is beneficial.


Design Process

 The planner should have an understanding how the design & documentation process and other constraints logically link into the procurement and construction process.

 Experience of Network Rail GRIP process and project development at GRIP 2, 3 through Design to Construction and Hand back in GRIP 5, 6, 7 & 8 would be of benefit although not essential.


Programme Structure

 The planner should have a level of experience of preparing a programme using programme logic and software.

 The planner should understand how the critical path drives the completion date and have an inquisitive nature and dynamic approach to interrogate the logic

 The planner should be able to calculate and measure quantities to inform activity durations.

 HR06 Job Description (Original to Personnel File, Copy to Post Holder)


Working in a Team and communication skills

 The planner will be site based.

 The planner is a fundamental member of the project team and will have effective communication skills to engage with the project team.

 As an integral part of the site team understanding the day-to-day construction sequence and problems encountered is essential to reinforce understanding of how the project is being delivered in relation to the programme and where further detail and changes become necessary.


Change Management

 The planner is to incorporate contractual changes made by the client promptly into the programme in line with the contract protocols.

 Familiarity with NEC contracts is beneficial.


Programme Update and Programme Monitoring

 The planner will update the contract programme on a period or monthly basis as required by the Contract, Client and BGCL’s requirements. Updates are to incorporate any Compensation Events or Client instructions that are relevant for the period update.

 The programme is to be presented to the project team at the weekly meeting to discuss and record progress against planned activity in the form of a rolling 4 week lookahead filter.



 The planner will assist with the production of the monthly planners report in a consistent format as defined by the project.

 The report should be able to demonstrate the progress made against the previous period planned work and reasons associated where slippage has occurred.

 Any changes made to the programme logic or introduction of new activities or where activities are no longer applicable.

 The ability to produce dashboards and graphical representations for percentage complete and other measurable matrices against a base line is of benefit


Use of Software

 The planner should have excellent IT skills and have some experience of preparing logically linked programmes using proprietary software.

 This may be basic Excel, Microsoft Project or more advanced Primavera or Asta Power Project.

 Training and mentoring can be offered for use of the more advanced software

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