Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

Location Scunthorpe
Job Type Permanent
Salary Up to £70,000 pa.

Job Description

General Description:

  • The company's Senior Project Manager will be educated to IPMA level C, with a minimum of 10 years' experience in a customer focussed Project Management environment, and a minimum of 5 years' experience managing projects on a relevant industry. The Senior Project Manager should be able to critically evaluate, understand and define new project scope into clear internal requirements that can be executed by the project team.
  • The company's Senior Project Manager will commit to Continuing Professional Development to attain the Knowledge and Application ratings required of a Project Manager in the APM Competence Framework 2nd Edition Role profile.

This commitment will be measured by the company's Personal Development Review Process.

  • A creative and practical thinker who can identify new ideas for potential use in achieving the customer's needs based upon the requirement known and the resource available. Is able to evaluate situations that may arise in any aspect of the project and to come up with a cost effective solution.
  • The company's Senior Project Manager will support the growth and continuous improvement of the company's P3M business through commercial awareness and maximising the business benefits to company from each new project that they manage, ensuring that the projects is effectively managed to time, quality and target margin requirements.
  • Can act at a strategic/corporate level, managing a number of complex projects. They will provide intensive advice to high-level line managers, contributing to the overall programme team and corporate strategy
  • The company's Senior Project Manager will support Group activities as required, and will provide
  • Provide Project support on location as required by the Project scope of requirements.
  • Has strong people skills and customer focus. Is able to manage teams in such a way that they are working in the most cost efficient manner and are all working to the best of their abilities. Is able to maintain harmonious relationships with customers and contractors even during conflicts.
  • Supports a culture of continuous improvement

The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for applying the following competences, and also for supervising others to apply the following competences:

  • To ensure all work is carried out in accordance to legislative and company procedures
  • Promoting the wider public good in all actions, acting in a morally, legally and socially appropriate manner in dealings with stakeholders and members of programme teams and the organisation. They will have a professional approach which generates credibility and confidence in others
  • Manages a number of complex and strategically important projects. They will provide intensive advice to high-level line managers, contributing to the overall programme team strategy.
  • Empowering and inspiring others to deliver successful projects. Has the ability to lead and develop less experienced project managers across a number of projects.
  • Develop and maintain effective and strategic relationships and communications with the customer. Attend progress meetings including kick-off meetings and others throughout project lifecycles as required. Liaise with client representatives on an as required basis to address project related issues and implement appropriate control measures to address risks
  • Managing new project stakeholders, taking account of their levels of influence and particular interests
  • Ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, to the required standards of performance, quality and safety.
  • Determining the best means of satisfying requirements within the context of project objectives and constraints i.e. developing effective solutions
  • Preparing and maintaining schedules for project activities and events, taking account of dependencies and resource requirements
  • Identifying and monitoring project risks (threats and opportunities), planning and implementing responses to them and responding to other issues that affect projects
  • Developing, maintaining and applying quality management processes for project activities and outputs ensuring that the quality of work provided by the Project team is to the required standards.
  • Consolidating and documenting the fundamental components of projects (scope, schedule, resource requirements, budgets, risks, opportunities and issues, and quality requirements)
  • Identifying and/or developing frameworks and methodologies that ensure management of projects will be comprehensive and consistent across different requirements
  • Establishing and managing reviews at appropriate points during and after projects, which will inform governance of projects by providing evaluations of progress, methodologies and continuing relevance
  • Establishing, and implementing where necessary, protocols to change the scope of projects, updating configuration documents as required
  • Identifying, defining, evaluating, planning, tracking and realising the business benefits of projects
  • Ensure compliances with all Health & Safety regulations, including Network Rail specific safety standards and procedures.
  • Prepare forecasts of revenue, cost, margin and resources for the area of responsibility and work with the commercial team to ensure effective business velocity
  • Management responsibility for the Project team, including those working on site and sub-contractors.
  • Able to deal with all aspects of Project Management from inception through closure.
  • Authorise payment release of all project related expenses, purchase order requests, payments to labour within agreed project budget and deployment of equipment.
  • Support, develop, motivate and direct staff within the Project team. Mentorship of less experienced Project Managers.
  • Evaluate and help to implement process improvements to improve project workflow and more effective project delivery.
Education Requirements:
IPMA / APM Level C Qualification

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